Leave My Baby Fats Alone!

Warning! This is a rant post. So leave if you must!

Why do some people state the obvious all the time? Like, yeah, I've gained some weight over the years and so? I'm just saying but I can differentiate sarcasm from a reaction, overreaction and from innuendos.

Can't people change and feel good about it even if it doesn't conform to what our society think is attractive? Or how the person used to look like? People change, bitches! Why don't you just get over it fast?

Ever since I ballooned because of my sedentary lifestyle and stress-eating habits last semester I've been told many times about how much I've gained since - I don't know - the last time these people saw me. But it's the tone the sets my real friends apart from these people I'm ranting about now. My friends would just tease me a bit and tell me to work on it while others go as far as stare at me as I eat my food. God! That is just downright rude. Don't you think?

But dude you know the worst kind are those inferior creatures who pick on others to make themselves feel better. And they just can't stop 'reacting' to your new - well they refer to it as - SIZE,  and they shove it up your ass as if they never cheated on their diet, never indulged in binge eating and never had Oreos for midnight snacks and felt bad about it. It's as if exercise was too easy for them or that they haven't gone physical change in the past. These kind of people somehow lack maturity that I think puberty skipped them.

And don't get me started about people who gives bullcrap about my health. The health thing is just an educated neener neener for all I know. But yeah, if it shows I have health problems for gaining weight then I'd encourage them to do their thing just so being fat (and unhealthy) won't get normalized. I mean, being big isn't all that good and this is just one of the reasons why. But that's not tHE CASE HERE! Okay I'm mad again. lol.

I know I can't stop them from classifying people. But I what I want, is that these people should police their thoughts and be sensitive to the people around them  Also, it's not like I'm not doing anything to get back to shape. I need time. I'm busy. I'm a work in progress, so please, leave my baby fats alone!
Friday, April 18, 2014
Posted by Mark Glenn Cabrera

How's my Life before the Internet?

When my internet connection got lost I had the chance to rethink my life and ask myself "How was my life before the internet?", "How did I manage to survive without it?". Then I thought, I used to doodle all the time. So I took a pen and a notebook and I started doodling.

After a while I got bored so I decided to trim my toenails. After hurting an ingrown nail I went to the nearest sari-sari store to buy a chichiria. I was initially craving for Regent's sweet corn but my childhood slapped me with fond memories of Esep-Esep so I asked the store owner if they have any. Unfortunately, it was out of stock, and so is the 'Sweet Corn', so I went home with a disappointing Rinbee.

Snatched from Google Search, too lazy to find out the specific source.

I turned on the TV and flipped it over to ABS-CBN hoping for a good watch but instead I got upset. I got upset because they changed the format of 'The Buzz'. I don't always like change. But when things change I hope they completely change. Like, it would have made me feel better if Boy Abunda has grown a hair or something but no they changed everything except the shiny head.

So I turned off the TV and I talked to my Gramma. We talked about my little brother's school project about plant reproduction. Then I lectured my sister about too much texting and that she's too behind to take pride in Philippines being the 'text' capital of the world. I also lectured my cousin about the effects of sending people digital crops and that it's bad to put the laptop on the lap because it is said to lower sperm count but that's irrational because I was talking to my girl cousin.

Then I talked to our cats. There's nine of them. I also talked to our dog about the lice and fleas in the Senate. Our dog's name is Nancy B, if you must know. Finally, the internet is back so screw my life before the internet! I bet it's cool in a way or another. It can also suck. Life is pretty much random anyway. Now I can go back online doing exactly nothing or maybe something if I get any luck. :-)

This is pretty much random as well but you can go and ask yourself, "How's my life before the internet?".
Sunday, November 3, 2013
Posted by Mark Glenn Cabrera
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A Little Game Called #ThrowbackThursday.

Humans are weak. They easily fall prey to whatever that links them to their past. Play a Britney Spears song and they will sing along. Turn the channel to Cartoon Network and they'll come running to watch how a trio of flying voodoo dolls can save the day. Do whatever you like to trigger all sort of emotions from the past, just never ever show them an old photo of you.

Otherwise, you'll win a lifetime worth of teases for being the fat kid in high school, the nerd with a thousand zit or the bulimic cheerleader. But now? Thanks to Instagram. The things that reminds us of how fun and embarrassing our past has been, can now be used to a viral little game called #ThrowbackThursday.

Yes. For those who are unaware of it and aware of it, allow me to tell you that #ThrowbackThursday is a game. It's a game of throwing an old photo of you in front of your friends and telling them a little story of your past. The embarrassing it is, the more fun it'll be and the more likes you get.

You don't win from this game though. Sometimes, my friends' #ThrowbackThursday posts are rather sad than funny. I mean, post a picture of how fat you were in high school and you'll get mixed reactions from your friends. Sure, it can bring you back all of the happy memories of that time but so will the pain. Sadly, that's part of the game.

But now that you know, #ThrowbackThursday can convey a lot of emotion, you can choose to feel anyway you like. What makes us weak is not really our past but how we see it. If I post a picture of me and my dog who died years ago. That's not funny. That's reminiscing. That's longing. That's real life drama and shit. It may bring back the pain but you can choose to feel glad about how that cute little dog helped you move on with your life.

You can also choose to replace the 'dog' in my example with your ex. That would have been so much relatable and they're kind of the same. But I don't have an ex. I have a dog. Oh wait, I had a dog.

Humans may be weak creatures by dwelling on the past. But remember that we do it because we feel that our past made us stronger. Whether our lives are so much better now than yesterday or miserable because we didn't put much thought to our future in the past, we all need to look back. We all need to throw ourselves back into time and think and feel. Coz that's what makes us human.

I'm glad there's Throwback Thursday. :3
Sunday, October 20, 2013
Posted by Mark Glenn Cabrera

I'm Kind of A Sad Wallflower

I'm just happy I'm kind of a sad wallflower. I'm the kind that is just there to observe and analyze what's happening around me.The kind that is only a loner from the inside but is stuck to a social group and my own reality. Someone who always hesitate whenever he has something to say. Someone who's quite scared to live young, wild and well, you know this cliche.

But you know what? It is the consequences of being like this that I hate the most.

Confrontations. I hate confrontations. Why can't some people just leave me alone and let me enjoy my space? Why do they have to ask me things that I don't even care about? Like, what I think about someone else facebook status and petty things like that. You see, the problem with me is that I fall prey to peer pressure so easily.

It's almost like there's a dementor slowly devouring my soul. So I wave my wand and say things. Sometimes things that I don't even mean. There are things I've said about other people which I never really meant. I say them to shun arguments, t-to end the conversation and to stop my friends from talking about others.

But I suck! I didn't realize that by putting weight to other's criticisms I'm just like them. It starts with a gossip and then it's slander. I hate it! I hate being like this! I'm afraid that the things I've said might be used against me or worse, that I might actually like it.

For now, I'm just happy that I can still be happy despite that. And that I can still evaluate myself and that I can still quietly observe people like I always do.
Friday, August 23, 2013
Posted by Mark Glenn Cabrera
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