Mark - Name

Mark, Surname

Mark is a common male given name and is derived from old Latin "*mart-kos", which means "consecrated to the god Mars". Marcus was one of the most common given names in Ancient Rome.
Originally, the name most likely revered to persons born in the month of March; in ancient Roman religion this month takes its name from god of war, Mars.

Mark, Saint

Author of the second Gospel in the New Testament and disciple of Saint Peter.

Mark - Noun

  1. A visible impression or trace on something like a spot, stain, cut, bruise or other small sign of damage: There was a greasy mark on Bart Simpsons shirt.
  2. A distinctive trait or property: a badge, a brand, characteristic feature, symbol or token: Good manners are the mark of Waylon Smithers.
  3. An Indicator of position, boundaries or ownership: A patrolling officer, like Clancy Wiggum, would be a conspicuous mark
  4. Writing: A written or printed symbol used for punctuation: Homer Simpsons sentence ended, as so often, with a question mark.
  5. Rating: A number, letter, or symbol used to indicate various grades of achievement, proficiency or attainment: Prof. Frink dissertation was, unexpectedly, below the mark.
  6. Slang: A person who is the intended victim or target of a swindler; a dupe; a sucker: Ralph Wiggum was an easy mark for derision.
  7. Identifier: A sign, usually an X or cross, made in lieu of a signature.
  8. Nautical: A knot or piece of material placed at various measured lengths on a lead line to indicate the depth of the water.
  9. Sports: The line indicating an athlete's starting-point.


Landmark, Checkmark, Earmark, Trademark, Bookmark, Benchmark, Hallmark, Postmark, Birthmark, Marker

Mark - Verb

  1. To make a visible trace or impression on, as with a spot, line, or dent: Edna Krabappel marked a square on the board.
  2. To single out, label or affix identification: Groundskeeper Willie marked the spot where the treasure was buried.
  3. To indicate in some way for later reference; take note of: Marge Simpson left the living room after the quarrel, saying:"Mark my words"!
  4. To evaluate (academic work) according to a certain scale: Seymour Skinner was up half the night marking exam papers.


demark, mismark, unmarked, markedly, remark

Phrasal Verbs

mark down

  • To mark for sale at a lower price.

mark up

  • To deface by covering with marks.
  • To mark for sale at a higher price.

mark off

  • To mark the proper dimensions or boundaries of; separate.


beside the mark

  • Beside the point; irrelevant.

wide of the mark

  • Far from the target or objective; inaccurate or irrelevant.

mark time

  • To move the feet alternately in the rhythm of a marching step without advancing.
  • To suspend progress for the time being; wait in readiness.
  • To function in an apathetic or ineffective manner.

make one's mark

  • To attain success or fame; achieve one's ambition.

on your mark(s)!

  • A three-command start when racing: take your places; On your Mark, Get Set, Go! Also: Ready, Steady, Go!


mark, brand, sign, label, tag, ticket. The central meaning shared by these verbs is “to place a mark of identification on”.

Meaning of Markable

  1. Capable of being marked.
  2. Short for remarkable.

The second meaning is somewhat reminiscent of the movie title "Despicable Me".